Alexandre Brondel



Creator of web content 🎨 - Student 🎓

Freelance | Web Développement - Web Design 🚀

I'm a 'millennial', a native digital as some like to say. I spend my day on the web discovering the world and imagining new things at every time.

Armed with my music and my personality, i'm studying in an engineering school, ESEO, and i embarked on the adventure of freelance, few weeks ago.

With my imagination, i never stop looking for the best innovation that will revolutionize the world, the new adventure that i could live, the new path that i could take.

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Favorite Quotes

" Begin each day as if it were on purpose. "

Hitch - Expert en séduction, Alex Hitchens.

" I can wear it for you, but I can carry you ! "

Lord of the rings : The Return of the King, Sam to Frodon.

" We're not a team, we're a time bomb. "

The Avengers, Bruce Banner.


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